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Shortly after the Grammys wrapped up last night, 21 Savage's co-manager, Kei Henderson, revealed that she worked hard to make sure a gesture in support of freeing the rapper from ICE detention would happen during Post Malone's performance of "Rockstar." Unfortuanately, she revealed that the details couldn't be worked out in the end.

"Lord knows me, Meezy [Savage's other co-manager] and our team attempted to solidify recognition for Savage during the performance of "Rockstar," it just didn't work out that way," she tweeted. Now Henderson has further explained what she meant, stating that she and her team reached out to "several artists" to perform 21 Savage's verse on the Post Malone song. It is not clear who was reached out to.


Someone from Epic sent me the photo of Post wearing the Savage tee before he performed. I appreciate the notion. Lord knows me, Meezy and our team attempted to solidify recognition for Savage during the performance of “Rockstar,” it just didn’t work out that way.

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We reached out to several artists to perform Savage’s verse and/or stand in solidarity on stage on his behalf.

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“Nobody said yes” ?? Did I say that? Y’all really be just adding shit to my statements.


21 Savage management asked "several artists" to perform his "Rockstar" verse at the GRAMMYs — as we learned last night, nobody said yes → 

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Post Malone ultimately performed the song solo, but he did wear a t-shirt with 21 Savage's name on it backstage. During his performance, however, his jacket obscured the t-shirt. Many saw his lack of a shout-out to the rapper as a missed opportunity, especially considering his support for Savage across social media following the news of his arrest. The only mention of him during the performance was a single "21" ad-lib.

Photo Credit: Adam Degross

Post Malone did defend himself on Twitter. "1st thing you see when you look at my shit is support for my FRIEND," he tweeted. "Y'all can say what y'all want about my career, but not about this situation." Ludwig Göransson, one of the co-writers and co-producers behind "This Is America," was the only person to shoutout 21 Savage during the ceremony.

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During his acceptance speech on Childish Gambino’s behalf, Ludwig Göransson shouts out 21 Savage

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Anyway. On to more important things, we gotta free my mans.

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Sign the petition in support of stopping 21 Savage's deportation here.

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