T.I. shouted it from the rooftops -- get in on the ground floor of the cryptocurrency he and a biz partner launched and get rich ... according to the lawsuit filed by investors, who say all they got was flat broke. 

Nicki Minaj adds her signature swagger to a new remix of Tyga’s single “Dip.” The Queen rapper unfurls a series of career boasts and pop culture-referencing punchlines over the song’s addictive cello hook.

Pharrell is rather unhappy with Donald Trump and is the latest big name musician to tell the president to stop using his music at his rallies.

Rich Homie Quan has been given the green light on the settlement he reached with the mother of his child after a judge signed off on their custody deal in one of the easiest cases ever.

Floyd Mayweather has been ordered to return his son to Los Angeles after a nasty custody battle erupted between the boxer and his baby mama, and now the two are preparing to face off for a judge to decide who will ultimately get the child.

Blac Chyna has finally broken her silence on the car crash that roped her into a lawsuit over her smashed BMW, and she’s hoping her defense will get her out of the litigation ASAP.

It’s a battle of the Barbies and Mattel really has their hands full with this one!